Community Social Services Management System.

Acivit was born with the vocation of responding to the needs of the Community Social Services, expanding and improving the functionalities provided by SIUSS, maintaining the compatibility of the information for the fulfillment of the concerted plan.

Acivit is currently a modular system that adapts to the needs of any local or regional organization, providing the necessary tools for management in each of them.

Dairy and previous date

  • Own agenda for each Social Services professional and configuration of the appointment schedule.
  • Online appointment request through the Proximity Portal.

System for Autonomy and Care for Dependency (SAAD)

  • Management of the processing of care programs for dependence in collaboration with the competent agencies.
  • Management, control and monitoring of the Home Care Service for Social Services professionals and the companies that provide the service.

Social inclusion programs

  • Management of the Social Salary in collaboration with the competent organisms. With adaptation to the new provision of Minimum Insertion Income.

Economic benefits

  • Management of family economic benefits from its request to its resolution, including procedures of scaling.
  • Monitoring of the execution of the intervention project from its resolution to its completion.

Personal file and social file

  • Complete system of individual management of the data of each member belonging to the family unit.
  • Complete management of families who use Community Social Services.

Care for children and the family

  • Comprehensive management of child and family care programs to detect and correct risk situations.
  • For the care of children and their families, the Family Treatment Plan and the Family Intervention Plan are incorporated.
  • Participation with the Family Treatment Teams.

Programs for the Care of Women

  • Management of the action program against gender violence and Mobile Telecare. With the possibility of integration with competent organizations.

SIUSS compatibility

  • Initial migration of SIUSS core information to the new system.
  • Possibility of incorporating the information of the modules of Home Help, Child Abuse and Gender Violence.
  • Periodical export of information.

Social intervention

  • Technical intervention with families incorporating new functionalities to those already existing in the SIUSS.
  • Document management of the intervention.

Proximity Portal

  • Web portal for Local Entities with information for professionals and bring services to citizens.
  • Tools for the management of previous date.
  • Tools for the management of the professionals who provide the service. Designed for home care assistants.

Child care

  • It incorporates the Procedure of Action against Child Abuse, compatible with the specific module of Child Abuse of SIUSS and the Absenteeism Program.

Reports and statistics

  • It has a complete system for generating reports and statistics at each level of work of the Community Social Services.

Acivit Dossier

From this section you can access the ACIVIT dossier in which the advantages of our product are explained in detail.