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Acivit responds to the complexity in the management of Social Services covering the needs of the itinerary throughout the social life of a family.


Better attention

RESISOR Project will improve the attention to citizenship in the field of Social Services in Andalusia.


Simplify the management and integrate the different information systems. What will allow the implementation of the Single Electronic Social Report (HSUE).


Establish a single channel of communication with citizens. Unify criteria and systems. By what will allow to access in real time to the state of a file.


It will allow the professionals a rigorous follow-up, evaluating the possible incompatibilities and improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the processes.

Resisor Projetc

Andalusia launched in the last quarter of 2015 the Single Electronic Social Report (RESISOR). This project has been selected by the European Commission in the new European framework for Employment and Social Innovation.  The Council of Equality and Social Policies of the Junta de Andalucía leads this European Project.


Our community stands out as a reference region in the upgrade of the management of information systems of Social Services. We want to advance in a more comprehensive and personalized Social Care Program. ISOTROL is one of the partner.
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